Solving Traceability. Generating Value. Driving Growth.

We help manufacturers and producers leverage their data.

We are proud and humbled to have been able to help make a positive difference to so many clients in so many places with our versatile production and traceability solutions. Connecting 50,000 devices and improving performance on over 2,000 production lines around the world, so far!

Bjørnar Torsnes, CodeIT Founder & CEO Norway.

Our clients.

We are trusted and relied on by forward thinking companies around the world. Many are world leaders in their respective fields. Some have a single production line. Others have multiple production lines. Some operate at multiple sites in one country. Others have international operations. CodeIT provides them all with a standard connectivity platform. The other common denominator is that they all revere CodeIT, and that drives us to find new ways to excel and help our clients even more.

Our passion.

At CodeIT, innovating how we can help free clients from being tied to proprietary solutions so they can progress to the next level is what ignites our passion. We understand and can choose the right technology to help clients leverage their data. Our playground is an international community of leading manufacturers where traceability and data capture are at the core.

Innovative people.

We are committed to helping our clients get more out of their data in production. What hallmarks our people is innovativeness, conscientiousness, and tenacity. We have extensive experience with critical business-applications going back to the late 1980s. We are committed to taking accurate data capture, connectivity, automation, traceability, and production management, to new levels. We are committed to excellence, open standards, and best practices. We are trusted and relied on by forward thinking companies in different industries. Many are world leaders in their respective fields.

Innovative software & services.

What hallmarks our solutions is flexibility, scalability and connectivity. Our solutions are designed to help clients get more out of their data. To help enhance production and productivity. To help increase business performance. Our solutions are built on years of cross-industry experience. Extensive multi-discipline know-how. Close co-operation with Technology Partners. And a fresh, total approach. We focus on ease of integration. Installation. Operation. Maintenance. And lifelong support.

In a nutshell.

At CodeIT we are concerned about solving traceability and optimising production processes for our clients. We not only help clients figure out how to do things better, we carry out implementation and provide lifelong support.