Aker Solutions and CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®

Aker Solutions selects CodeIT traceability solution for its production documentation.

Aker Solutions, a giant in their field with 16 000 employees in 20 countries, has chosen the CodeIT eMRB solution (electronic Manufacturing Record Book) to gather and present its production documentation.

After a successful pilot and workshops to identify how to implement CodeIT eMRB at Aker Solutions, Aker Solutions has given the green light to go ahead with CodeIT eMRB as a supplier and customer portal to gather and present their production documentation.

That the global market leader in subsea production equipment and offshore field design, Aker Solutions, has agreed with CodeIT to implement CodeIT eMRB speaks volumes about the capabilities of CodeIT. It is the first and only cloud-based software solution that addresses the need for the automatic digital creation and validation of Manufacturing Record Books.

CodeIT eMRB is an ICT disruptive software solution developed by CodeIT, the Norwegian tracking and traceability specialists known and appreciated for their innovative and holistic approach to problem-solving. CodeIT eMRB covers the design, production, operation, testing, and delivery of products requiring stringent documentation from a product lifecycle perspective, where continuous tracking and traceability are crucial. It provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective, integrated system for the automated creation of electronic documentation.

CodeIT eMRB is the first, and only cloud-based software solution designed explicitly to create and validate digital Manufacturing Record Books. It gives the companies that use it a genuine competitive edge.

CodeIT eMRB is a unique software solution supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, where CodeIT eMRB was the winner in a razor-sharp competition between 361 companies in a Horizon 2020 call for Smart use of ICT for SMEs. This support highlights the need for CodeIT eMRB for companies that want to strengthen their position and increase efficiency through digitalization.

CodeIT eMRB is for all types and sizes of production companies – anywhere in the world. Get in touch with CodeIT today and find out how your company can benefit from CodeIT eMRB.

CodeIT solutions offer every client clear, technological, financial, and operative benefits and advantages. Find out what CodeIT can do for you. Contact us today.

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