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Cermaq is one of Norway's largest food producers. In 2018 they produced 1.1 million healthy and sustainable salmon meals every day. Their salmon meals are enjoyed in more than 30 countries.


When you buy fish, you want to know where it comes from. And what quality it is. And you want it as fresh as possible. To achieve this, everything must be done correctly from the very beginning. Cermaq places great focus on Smart technology and open systems. High levels of automation improve productivity flexibility and quality.


The goal with the new Cermaq factory in Steigen, Norway, was to gather the company's salmon processing capacity in Nordland in one flexible and future-oriented factory. They chose a joint solution from Baader and CodeIT. Both offered technology for production, traceability, and labeling that can talk to Cermaq's other systems.


CodeIT Enterprise™ ensures an efficient flow from the moment fish arrive, through to finished pallets, ready for transportation to our customers. This requires reliable information and full traceability. Baader's process data and CodeIT's labeling and traceability solutions give Cermaq this.

CodeIT software communicates with the processing lines. Production, customer orders, inventory, and capacity information are coordinated through CodeIT Enterprise™.

Why Cermaq chose CodeIT.

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