C H Evensen Industiovner AS

C. H. Evensen Industriovner and CodeIT eDoc / eMRB®

Problem solved with CodeIT.


C.H. Evensen Industriovner AS (CHE) in Norway is a leader in the manufacture of industrial furnaces and equipment for a multitude of heat treatment processes. The company’s forte is custom engineering heat treating equipment for demanding applications. The company provides innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps customers improve their bottom line and competitive edge. CHE not only develop, design, and manufacture ovens, they also monitor them remotely. The company has over 4,000 installations in more than 50 countries worldwide. BMW, Audi, Hydro, Elkem, Renault and ThyssenKrupp are amongst the company's customers.


For CHE, innovation is crucial. CHE are continually improving and optimizing their technology and systems to stay ahead.


As part of the company’s strategy to increase performance and efficiency through digitalization, CHE decided to implement CodeIT eMRB® to automatically gather, compile, and present production documentation easily and effectively. CodeIT eMRB® is particularly suited as it covers design, production, operation, testing and delivery of products that require stringent documentation from a product lifecycle perspective, and where continuous tracking and traceability is a key requirement.


With their Fit-For-Future program, CHE are expanding and updating their established IT processes to make them even more efficient. At the core of this expansion is CodeIT eMRB® , a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for the automatic creation and validation of digital Manufacturing Record Books. It provides CHE with an easy to use, cost-effective, integrated system for the automated creation of electronic documentation that will help CHE stay ahead of the field.

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