EqHub and CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®

Problem solved with CodeIT.


Norway's Oil and Gas industry acknowledges standardized equipment documentation is critical for offshore asset operations and safety and has gone to great lengths to make such documentation readily and effectively available through EPIM's EqHub.


Non-standard documentation can account for over 30% of an asset's essential documentation.


For companies needing a complete solution to handle standard and non-standard documentation, CodeIT has developed an API to easily integrate the advanced CodeIT eMRB® solution with EPIM's EqHub.


The new API is available now, but you can expect more. CodeIT will further develop its solutions closely with EPIM / EqHub and its operator partners.

CodeIT solutions offer every client clear, technological, financial, and operative benefits and advantages. Find out what CodeIT can do for you. Contact us today.

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