Problem solved with CodeIT.

Situation 1:

Lantmännen’s different factories use a lot of different production systems and marking equipment. Each does things in different ways, or speaks its own language you might say.

Result 1:

Getting all Lantmännen Cerealia’s factories’ different production systems to talk to a single platform was long considered to be completely impossible given the time and resources it would take to complete. But that was before CodeIT presented their solution. One that has now become regarded as the holy grail of labeling, coding and integration.

Situation 2:

With its large range of products, different size boxes and customized labels, Cerealia in Laholm faced a huge logistics problem previously, when it was using pre-printed labels.

Result 2:

The problem was eliminated by leveraging data with CodeIT Enterprise™ software and a state-of-the-art “print and apply” hardware solution. More than 120 various types of pre-printed labels were boiled down to 7 different labels.

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