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After a long rigorous testing and appraisal process, a significant milestone was reached when the EU-accredited Metrology Service in Norway gave CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service the official EU stamp of approval in December 2019. As a result, CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service is fully certified for use in the EU and anywhere in the world - by any industry.

Simply put, the service provides a legal print even if the label is issued after a process between scale and printer.

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The video showcasing CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service in commercial production was filmed at Cermaq - a world leader in the farming of salmon and trout, with operations in Norway, Canada, and Chile.


In weighing and labeling applications when handling boxes etc., it is becoming more and more common to have different systems involved in weighing and labeling, where integrations are desirable to transfer data between systems.


  • Scales and printers cannot always be in the same physical area, so weighing and label printing do not happen like a sequence in a single system.
  • Solve the almost impossible task of legally approving all systems and transfers involved, especially when managing system modifications and updates.
  • Verify legal data is printed on labels, i.e., actual weight is not tampered with or modified.
  • Use standard approved scales without programming any particular logic into the scales.


The CodeIT approach used unique, scannable ID codes on the boxes and created a Weight Record together with a calculated checksum at weighing, using an approved software solution and supported hardware. The Weight Record and checksum can then be transferred as a data pair between systems. Later, when a label is to be printed, a component from the approved solution can be used inside the labeling software to verify the Weight Record and Checksum before sending data to the label printer. If verification fails, no label is printed, and an error message is generated.

Simply put, the service provides a legal print even if the label is issued after a process between scale and printer.


CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service is born. A unique approach to solving the complex legal problems of weighing products in one area of production and then to print and apply labels with legal weight information later in another area of production

CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service, part of CodeIT Enterprise™, ensures that the legal data printed on labels are verified against tampering and modification but still allows data to be transferred between systems using open integrations.

The CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service automatic catch weighing solution streamlines production and uses standard approved scales without programming any special logic into the scales. It is designed for use with standard scanners, label printers, and applicators from CodeIT Certified Technology Partners.

The CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) Scale Service software package contains three main parts:

  • LegalPrint.ScaleServer
  • LegalPrint.PrintServer
  • LegalPrint.PrintVerifier

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