Quality Salmon AB

Europe’s largest and most modern land based Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS).


In May 2020, the municipality of Sotenäs in Sweden and the Norwegian company Lighthouse Finance agreed on an investment that will generate approximately 2,000 new jobs in the municipality. The project has a total worth of SEK 17-20 billion.

The objective is to create a new 75-hectare industrial park, where Europe's largest and most modern land-based fish farm will be built by Quality Salmon AB. The fish farming facility will have a production capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon per year, that will be sold on international markets.

The new land-based fish farming facility will have a limited environmental impact and a circular management, which is in line with Sotenäs municipality's long-term strategy. A closed system will ensure minimal water and energy use without emissions to the sea.

The site will use the latest and most advanced Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) solutions in the world for sustainable and smart fish production.


A means for automatic synchronization of all documents and data to do with the building and operation of the facility including traceability and fulfillment of all legal requirements and regulations.


Quality Salmon will implement CodelT eMRB® as a supplier and customer portal to gather and present data for the whole industrial park.

CodeIT eMRB® shall be a flexible toolbox for additional functionality for handling of data and documentation based on a functional specification from Quality Salmon.

CodeIT eMRB® will be linked to and have data exchange with ERP and MES systems installed in the different legal entries being part of the industrial park.

Fulfillment of industrial standards like ISO, HACCP, FDA etc., shall also be part of the CodeIT eMRB® deliverables.


The CodeIT eMRB® solution will greatly reduce Quality Salmons time and resource use for managing legal documentation, records, site architecture and production information.


Quality Salmon will use their extensive experience together with CodeIT to further enhance CodeIT eMRB® services for a global market in the field of large scale land-based aquaculture and seafood farming.


About Lighthouse Finance: https://www.lighthousefinance.net/

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