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The TTS Group is an acknowledged provider of cargo handling solutions and access systems to the international marine and offshore industries. For more than four decades TTS NMF has been a global market leader in the production of deck cranes with an emphasis on heavy cargo cranes. The company’s main facility is in Hamburg, one of the world's busiest container and trans-shipment ports.


TTS NMF GmbH is a leading marine and offshore crane manufacturer in Germany and China. To qualify as a supplier, TTS NMF must maintain a Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) for each new build and delivery. However, it is no secret that the MRB process can become an inflexible, time consuming, cost driver.


CodeIT eMRB® enables the automated creation of electronic documentation covering all stages of design, production, operation, testing and delivery of products. It is designed to meet stringent documentation requirements from a product lifecycle perspective, where rapid traceability is a key requirement. Unlike manual MRB systems, CodeIT eMRB® is a secure cloud-based solution accessed via a web-based interface.

General Manager Andreas Harms affectionately refers to CodeIT eMRB® as “good software”. One of the many features that make it a game changer for TTS NMF is that it can handle information collection (such as process parameters and machine configurations) directly from equipment at multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Another aspect of CodeIT eMRB® is that the registration of production events enables backward and forward traceability of each identifiable unit and provides precise information (current and historic) about location, material content and manufacturing operations performed.

CodeIT eMRB® is designed so back-office systems can be configured to access other systems in the supply chain, thereby enabling virtually any supply chain information and documents, anywhere in the world, to be captured and integrated without duplication.


As early adopters, TTS NMF viewed CodeIT eMRB® as a game changer. TTS discovered they could improve productivity and profitability, and make life easier, with CodeIT eMRB®.

CodeIT eDOC / eMRB® is the only system that can simultaneously join together extensive documentation required to be stored locally at TTS production facilities in China and Germany.

Andreas Harms, General Manager, Operations, TTS NMF GmbH.

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