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EcoOnline is an IT firm dedicated to developing software to make the management and documentation of hazardous chemicals as user-friendly and cost-efficient as possible.

Chemical producers, resellers, and distributors are linked with companies that manage chemicals using a single shared database. The database facilitates sharing of legally required data regarding hazardous properties and recommends preventive measures to be adopted when using the chemicals and chemical products in question.

The system allows companies to work preventatively, avoiding injury to people and minimizing environmental impact.


EcoOnline’s end customer, Volkswagen, uses the EcoOnline web-based system for their article safety data. Volkswagen needed a labeling system based on data automatically collected via the EcoOnline Web Service.


CodeIT was tasked to make a labeling system based on data automatically collected via the EcoOnline Web Service at the end-user Volkswagen, using EcoOnline’s web-based system for article safety data.


The project was another teamwork success, including some technical solutions which were new for CodeIT.

CodeIT created a Web Service interface to CodeIT. The data from EcoOnline is stored in the CodeIT database (on the customer’s server), and the integration module updates the database with new data from EcoOnline every hour.

The customer’s two-color printers are printing with double print-heads, in this case, black and red. CodeIT created a new driver in-house for the printer type being used, 4- and 6-inches CAB printers.

The Citrix environment also posed some challenges and new things to be solved. Ordinarily, the CodeIT applications are stored in a shared folder, and there are several Citrix servers used for running them. When the customer starts an application, they cannot control which server is used. This created problems with the CodeIT license model, which is based on the name of the executing computer. The answer was to create the possibility to override this.

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