Some Use Cases

Why we are who we are.

Automation and technology for scalable, flexible production and efficient design are key components for effective and competitive manufacturing. We help manufacturers worldwide to leverage their data to solve traceability and achieve new levels of production automation and live production data monitoring. What we do helps our clients to save costs, increase efficiencies, generate value, and drive sustainability and profitable growth - year after year.

We are proud of what we achieve together with our clients.



Creating an automatic labeling system for Volkswagen.

Meeting standardization goals at Finn Crisp.

Traceability and scalability problem solved at Almondy.

An ingenious automatic catch weighing solution for streamlining production.

Building a digital production support system for Trondhjems Eskefabrikk

Efficient production with full product traceability onboard factory ships.

Making a vision come true at DenEast.

Ensuring an efficient production flow at Cermaq.

The Holy Grail of labeling, coding, and integration.

Eliminating using pre-printed labels at Lantmännen Cerealia Laholm.

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Solving Traceability with CodeIT
CodeIT Leverage Your Data

CodeIT is used by multi-nationals and local companies to streamline their production and ensure full traceability in factories in Belgium · Canada · Chile · Denmark · England · the Faroe Islands · Finland · France · Germany · Iceland · Ireland · Japan · the Republic of Korea · Norway · Poland · Scotland · Spain · Sweden · Taiwan · the USA · Vietnam · Western Sahara · and onboard fishing vessels processing their catch at sea.