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It is no secret that the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) process can become an inflexible, time consuming, cost driver. CodeIT eMRB® is a new tool for the enhanced creation and management of any Manufacturing Record Book. CodeIT eMRB® is a substantial spin-off from CodeIT Enterprise™. At the same time it is completely different from CodeIT Enterprise™ because there is no hardware involved. CodeIT eMRB® is a software only, cloud-based solution, specifically designed for handling fabrication, production, and manufacturing documentation at multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Krzysztof Les, System Architect

Brief summary.

CodeIT eMRB® is a total solution for digital MRB creation and documentation management. It is designed to leverage your data and enable superior, fast, and cost-effective documentation traceability. It is an ingenious, highly flexible, fully scalable, cloud-based solution that automatically validates and links all fabrication and production documentation digitally. It is in use at leading companies in energy, engineering, aquaculture, and general industry sectors around the world.

Taking traceability to new levels.

Simplifying traceability is one of the major benefits CodeIT eMRB® offers. Traditionally, manufacturing documentation is compiled in large binders and stored. Searches are done manually. With CodeIT eMRB®, each certificate, report or document is stored and tracked individually, and is retrievable online instantaneously.

Integration friendly.

CodeIT eMRB® securely stores all MRB documentation in the cloud and allows access to individual documents. This reduces quality assurance (QA) costs. It requires no installation. Users manage access. CodeIT eMRB® is often part of a wider range of information software like ERP, document control, QA, mechanical completion and logistics. To enable effective integration with these a robust application programming interface is built into CodeIT eMRB®.


A major benefit of CodeIT eMRB® is fast and early access to documentation. Operators often require MRBs be delivered together with the purchased equipment. This can be impossible for contractors, since some documentation is not ready until very late in a project. CodeIT eMRB® solves this by compiling MRBs online, on-the-fly. However, other documentation like material certificates is ready early. QA teams need to verify such documentation as part of the mechanical completion process. Until now, QA personnel had to perform site visits at manufacturers to verify these early documents manually, because MRBs couldn’t be delivered until later. CodeIT eMRB® makes this documentation available online from day one, eliminating the need for site visits for verification.

Flexible and scalable.

All CodeIT solutions are designed to be highly flexible and highly scalable. This in turn means that our clients' operations become highly flexible and highly scalable. And our clients have full control. Ready for future challenges.

Highly skilled team.

Our highly qualified support team are known for their high level of engineering expertise and their capacity to give guidance, help achieve rapid and successful installation and provide lifelong support. We are continuously developing our service and support offerings to meet and exceed ever increasing expectations, so as to ensure continued success of our clients.

None better.

The development of CodeIT eMRB® was supported by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme. H2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly Euro 80 billion in funding over 7 years (2014 to 2020). CodeIT won the the support amid razor-sharp competition against 361 prime European companies, in a Horizon 2020 call for ICT for SMEs.

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Our core software and services are very flexible and can be configured and customized on-site to meet most operational and individual client needs. However, sometimes a client can have a special or unique need and might want something more. We have an experienced team of consultants and software developers that can help. They may be able to suggest ways to use our core software and services in special ways without alterations, or they may find it appropriate to modify features or implement new ones in our core software. Alternatively, where required we can also put together tailor-made solutions just for you. Get in touch and let us know what you need, it’s that simple!

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