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Coding - Labelling - Data Management - and More.

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  • Real-time Information Management.
  • Production Automation.
  • Tracking and Traceability.
  • Labelling. Marking. Tagging.
  • Shop Floor Control.
  • Automatic Data Capture.
  • Automatic Catchweighing.
  • OEE Reporting.
  • Recall Control.
  • Documentation Linking.
  • Custom Add-ons.
  • Cutting-edge hardware.
  • And more.

Our passion and excellence are traceability and transparency. Most new CodeIT clients have an initial need that brings them to us. Usually it is a need to tag, make a declaration or stamp a product or transportation unit. With CodeIT Enterprise™ we are not only coding whatever it is, but by organizing the data we need in order to code it we are leveraging production, flow, and possibilities for visualiziations. At the same time we are creating opportunities for measurement and automation.

Petter Sporrsäter, Technical Manager, Sweden.

Third generation.

Key people at CodeIT have had extensive experience with critical business-applications going back to the late 1980s. From this platform CodeIT Enterprise™ and the company was born. The first generation of what is CodeIT Enterprise™ today first saw light of day as a commercial product in 2010. It has always enabled clients to leverage their data. The first generation centered on industrial coding, labelling and marking systems, and hardware. The second generation went a step further and took leveraging data in connection with enhanced traceability and transparency to new levels. It is why many clients regard CodeIT as the traceability experts. The third generation still has traceability at the core and includes all of the previous generations' choices and capabilities, plus greater levels of connectivity, greater levels of automation and new ways to enhance production management that seek to solve the production management challenge.

Solving the production management challenge.

Global and local markets are constantly shifting. Companies need to adapt quickly and economically to meet new and growing demands. Nowhere is this more important than in production management.

Today, a Factory Manager is supported by an IT Group to help introduce and maintain digital resources. But it is all too common that systems, equipment, and processes remain disjointed, and need constant upgrading.

Production Managers are also bombarded with data from these multiple systems and have little time to analyze and gain valuable insights from the information.

A typical factory layout may employ:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Marking equipment, and more

These diverse products and platforms can lead to human errors, with longer adjustment, programming, and lead times. As well as issues with flexibility, transparency, traceability, and scalability.

A production manager's dream.

Although our passion and excellence are traceability and transparency, CodeIT Enterprise™ gives you much more. It gives you a streamlined and customized production model. A central automation platform which is 100% configurable to accommodate all manufacturing and production requirements, regardless of Industry.

Why Cermaq chose CodeIT.

Getting started is simple.

The benefits can be bigger than you think!

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At the center of the information workflow.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is specifically designed to solve the frustrating production management problems mentioned above. CodeIT Enterprise™  was born in the world of automation with a complete understanding of complex infrastructure and production requirements. It is based on more than twenty years of development of critical business-applications, across various industries.

What is important to know is that CodeIT Enterprise™ is based upon configuration, not on traditional programming. The difference is:

  • Versatility
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost efficiency
  • Report accuracy
  • Real-time dashboard

As a Production Manager, you will finally be in control of a streamlined system designed to eliminate human errors and save precious time, because CodeIT is at the center of the information workflow.

For any operation.

Whatever your industry. Whatever your size. Be it a single production line. Multiple lines. Multiple sites. Or international operations. CodeIT Enterprise™ enables you to  harness the true power of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory - the ability to be highly flexible and scalable.

Grows with you.

Think of CodeIT Enterprise™ as a dynamic production management toolbox. Start with the functionality you need. Add more later.

  • Real-time Information Management.
  • Production Automation.
  • Tracking & Traceability.
  • Labelling. Marking. Tagging.
  • Shop Floor Control.
  • Automatic Catchweighing.
  • OEE Reporting.
  • Documentation Linking.
  • Custom Add-ons.
  • Cutting-edge hardware.
  • And more.

Many advantages.

Some of the main benefits of CodeIT Enterprise™ include:

  • A unified platform for hardware that centralizes the data and displays information the way you want it. Allowing users to monitor workflow from their workstations.
  • Easy integration into other systems and different layers of critical information to become the central information hub of the production facility.
  • A complete traceability platform, for keeping track of materials upon receipt until it is incorporated into the final product and distributed to markets and consumers around the globe.
  • A fully customizable graphic user interface. Including add-on buttons, windows, graphic objects, and more.
  • Any adjustment can be performed on the fly, without leading to production downtime.
  • The ability to change and adapt your production sequences, and workflow, upgrading your process immediately. And at any time in the future without affecting workflow and quality.
  • Real-time monitoring, data capture and performance reporting on equipment, progress, inventory, and traceability, at the push of a button. Allowing you to resolve issues, before they become major problems.
  • The configuration of CodeIT Enterprise™ can be stored at a server. Clients will be updated accordingly, receiving reports about inventory, cycle counts, shipment history, and much more.
  • The platform will distribute data, such as a production order and variable information to marking systems such as printers, labelling machines, ink marking systems and laser marking where it should be, at any moment. And provides alerts or live updates.
  • All your previous production hassles vanish with the simple click of a button on your CodeIT Enterprise™ screen. Which not only eliminates a lot of data entry and human error but saves tremendous amounts of time adjusting equipment.

Digital information hub.

CodeIT Enterprise™ enables flexible and scalable real-time connected manufacturing. With it you can leverage your data into action, product traceability, workstation dashboards visualizations, and much more. With CodeIT Enterprise™ as your flexible and scalable digital information hub you will help future proof your production and take your manufacturing to the next level. CodeIT Enterprise™ connects your existing business, manufacturing, and automation processes.

Taking traceability to new levels.

Highly skilled team.

Our highly qualified support team are known for their high level of engineering expertise and their capacity to give guidance, help achieve rapid and successful installation and provide lifelong support. We are continuously developing our service and support offerings to meet and exceed ever increasing expectations, so as to ensure continued success of our clients.

Keep what you have.

We believe that the key factor for success in meeting the demands on factories of the future is to have an open, independent, flexible and scalable solution. Different production facilities have different systems, automation, and equipment. They usually come from different suppliers. CodeIT Enterprise™ can easily be adapted for any situation. Even for use with old systems and equipment, regardless of brand and technology. It can be integrated with your current landscape and connect existing business, manufacturing, and automation systems. It can talk to all surrounding intelligence. It can do all this in real-time and this without needing programming.

Cutting-edge hardware.

We have built up a unique Technology Partner Network. It enables us to be able to deliver hand-picked, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art hardware, and supply turnkey solutions, when required. It means we are not tied to a specific brand and we do not tie our clients to a particular brand. We can provide exactly what is needed, when it is needed, to supplement our solutions and solve any client’s specific needs.

Solves key problems.

Flexible and scalable.

All CodeIT solutions are designed to be highly flexible and highly scalable. This in turn means that our clients' operations become highly flexible and highly scalable. And our clients have full control. Ready for future challenges.

Readies you for change.

When world economies and commerce are evolving faster than ever, it is good to know CodeIT Enterprise™ has you covered. No matter what your specific production challenge is. With it, you will experience:

  • Less effort running your production facility.
  • Less time adapting to future demands.
  • Less cost spent on fixing human errors.
  • Less expenditure on buying new equipment.
  • A higher quality of information flow.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is trusted and relied on by forward thinking companies around the world. With CodeIT Enterprise™ you are ready for a constantly changing world.

Need more?

Our core software and services are very flexible and can be configured and customized on-site to meet most operational and individual client needs. However, sometimes a client can have a special or unique need and might want something more. We have an experienced team of consultants and software developers that can help. They may be able to suggest ways to use our core software and services in special ways without alterations, or they may find it appropriate to modify features or implement new ones in our core software. Alternatively, where required we can also put together tailor-made solutions just for you. Get in touch and let us know what you need, it’s that simple!

Brief summary.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is a total solution designed to leverage data, enhance production and increase business performance. It is very flexible, highly scalable, and integration friendly. It can be rapidly deployed and used together with existing systems and equipment, or with whatever hardware is needed to get the job done. It is used by leading companies in many industries around the world, connecting 50,000 devices on over 2,000 production lines so far.

CodeIT leverage your data

Getting started is simple.

The benefits can be bigger than you think!

Just curious? Get in touch. Ask us any question.