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A label can be manufactured from more than 500 different paper and synthetic materials. There are 50 different backings of paper or plastic and there are 150 different adhesives to choose from. The combination options are huge..

Christian Öhrn, CEO CodeIT Sweden.


As part of our after-sales service for CodeIT Enterprise™ we can help with special items clients need to keep running smoothly, such as materials, labels, tags, transfer ribbons, inks, spare parts, replacements, etc.

We test, source and deliver.

Identification and declarations are all part of the perception of quality. They also open possibilities for automating operations. They solve compliance and legal requirements. They enable your product to communicate with your customers. But first and foremost, they are an inescapable visualization of your level of quality. When a tag, mark or label is easily readable and withstands the conditions your products or shipping units are exposed to you reap the benefits of your efforts at every step, all along the entire supply chain. Our knowledge, together with our preferred partners’ abilities, will ensure you achieve optimal combinations and the best possible results. We can set up the necessary logistics to ensure you always have at hand the consumables you need – this will in turn ensure uninterrupted, safe communication is ongoing between your products, all aspects of automation, all down the supply chain, all the way to your end users and customers.

Let us take responsibility.

Consumables are part of our total approach to solving clients' needs.

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