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Hvordan CodeIT sikrer sporbarhet, reduserer tidsforbruk og menneskelige feil.


Produktetikettering med direkte ERP integrasjon. Dette er del 1 av CodeIT / GS1 Norway webinaret rette mot næringsmiddelindustrien fra 16. februar. #CodeIT #LeverageYourData #SolvingTraceability #FoodIndustry

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Quality Salmon RAS and CodeIT

Quality Salmon in Sweden launches informational website.


Quality Salmon launches website for world’s largest circular industrial park for salmon production – and CodeIT is part of it. Read about the CodeIT engagement at Quality Salmon on the new website here: Press Release Cutting-edge Technology Circular Industrial Park Press Release in English (PDF) Not only salmon. CodeIT help manufacturing and processing companies of…

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Cheese Production

Cheese Production and CodeIT.


According to Allied Market Research the Global Cheese Market is expected to reach $164,338 million by 2023, from $136,283 million in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 2.7% from 2017 to 2023. People in the Nordic countries are the biggest cheese eaters in the world. In 2017, for per capita consumption Denmark was ranked #1…

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Seafood Processing

CodeIT benefits the Seafood Processing Industry.


If seafood processing is part of your business, CodeIT can help you improve production performance. CodeIT solutions and seafood processing go hand in hand. On land and at sea! At sea, CodeIT solutions are used onboard fishing vessels that process their catches while they are out on the fishing banks. Be it high-quality fresh frozen…

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CodeIT help make all kinds of factories smart.


We are proud and humbled to have been able to help make a positive difference to so many clients in so many places with our versatile production automation and traceability solutions. Connecting 50,000 devices and improving performance on over 2,000 production lines around the world, so far! Bjørnar Torsnes, CodeIT Founder & CEO Norway. Take…

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The Holy Grail of labelling, coding and integration.


IT systems are becoming more and more important as a competitive asset at companies that see the benefits of having a totally integrated, smooth workflow that starts with sales forecasts and ends with delivery of finished products. At CodeIT we have created a new niche by showing just how smoothly and effectively we can integrate…

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CodeIT - Foremost in Traceability

CodeIT rated “foremost in the world”.


The municipality of Sotenäs in Sweden and the Norwegian company Lighthouse Finance have agreed on an investment that will generate approximately 2,000 new jobs in the municipality. The objective is to create a new 75-hectare industrial area, where Europe’s largest land-based fish farm will be built by Quality Salmon AB. The project has a total…

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CodeIT for transparency, trust and compliance

CodeIT eDoc / eMRB® and public blockchain technology.


Is traceability and transparency something that concerns you? Are you curious about what public blockchain technology could mean for your business? CodeIT and UNISOT have carried out a successful proof-of-concept to confirm that CodeIT eDoc / eMRB® and the UNISOT Enterprise Blockchain Platform can work together in perfect harmony. With UNISOT we are strengthening our…

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Traceability from Box to Customer with CodeIT.


At CodeIT we enjoy working with the best. And solving traceability is what we do best. At CodeIT, we are innovating how clients can progress to the next level. Our passion and excellence are centered around our traceability solutions and services. We work with all kinds of clients, solving complex production challenges with accurate data…

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Combatting seafood fraud with CodeIT Enterprise.


CodeIT plays an important part in combatting seafood fraud, but what is seafood fraud and how does CodeIT help combat seafood fraud? According to the Oceana Foundation “Seafood fraud is the practice of misleading consumers about their seafood to increase profits. Along with ripping off shoppers, these actions can have negative impacts on marine conservation…

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