10 years at the forefront and looking for growth.

CodeIT targets becoming the Nordic market leader.

It is 10 years since CodeIT Norway was founded. CodeIT now has its sights set on becoming both the leader in the Nordic market and taking a strong position in Asia. Looking back at the first decade, 2011-2021, turnover in the first year of operation was 19 MNOK. That doubled in five years and CodeIT was given a Gazelles Award in 2015 in recognition of its strong growth. Turnover doubled again over the next 5 years, reaching 70 MNOK in 2020. The company now has more than 250 customers that use CodeIT solutions every day on over 2,000 production lines at sites in 15 countries. Throughout the period, the company has expanded its global presence establishing offices in Norway, Sweden and Vietnam and adopted a new operating name in 2020: the CodeIT Group.

“The growth has been incredible. We make it our business to be innovative and at the forefront. We now have sales offices in three countries and support clients’ operations in 15. As we celebrate our first 10 years of growth, we are setting our sights on becoming both the Nordic market leader, and to taking a strong position in Asia from our base in Vietnam. We take pride in our Nordic heritage and think that the CodeIT Group is the perfect name for an ambitious, international company. Our involvement in coding, traceability and IT are being noticed out there, and we are now in a position to further expand both organically and through acquisitions that will become a natural part of the CodeIT Group and benefit customers in terms of the solutions we provide and the support we offer.” says CEO and founder Bjørnar Torsnes.

CodeIT is Scandinavia’s leading traceability software company for all types of manufacturers and producers, with solutions that ensure clients efficient operations, scalability, and flexibility. The company is particularly strong in Food, Fish, Wood, and Industry. CodeIT has enjoyed formidable growth in its first 10 years, with Boliden, Elkem, Mowi, Cermaq, SinkabergHansen, Orkla Foods Sweden, TINE, and Lantmännen among its many customers.

“CodeIT provide its clients with a total solution that is easy to integrate with existing systems and equipment and provides manufacturers full freedom from being tied to specific brands and suppliers. We offer CodeIT Enterprise for traceability and production efficiency when it comes to products and parts, and CodeIT eDoc™ when it comes to production documentation traceability. There could hardly be a better time to launch universal digital tools like ours that provide greater production efficiency and better traceability. Demand for our solutions has grown substantially. And regulatory demands are becoming increasingly strict, so traceability is in focus as never before, especially when it comes to exports.” Torsnes says.

“We provide customers a complete picture of everything to do with their products and production. CodeIT is all about solving traceability. Our slogan is ‘Leverage your data with CodeIT’. Our systems give clients a complete real-time picture of their products, data, machinery, equipment, and production. But at the end of the day, its all about people and our ability to deliver services, technology, and competence as a tailored package – and here our people have proven time and time again that they are the best. In fact, we work so closely with our clients that we no longer regard them as clients, but more as friends.” Mr. Torsnes explains.

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Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO Norway

Phone: +47 907 72 110. Email: bjornar.torsnes@codeit.no

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