Aker Solutions use CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® to ensure traceability in subsea production system.

Offshore Norway: CodeIT client Aker Solutions has been contracted by ConocoPhillips to deliver the subsea production system for the Tommeliten Alpha Development. The estimated contract value is around NOK 1.2 billion. Behind the scenes, traceability experts CodeIT play an important role helping Aker Solutions provide the Subsea Production System for the Tommeliten Alpha Development. Aker Solutions use CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® as their supplier and customer portal to gather and present all project documentation.

That the global market leader in subsea production equipment and offshore field design, Aker Solutions, use CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® to gather and present project documentation speaks volumes about its capabilities. CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® is a state-of-the-art solution designed to enable superior, fast, and cost-effective documentation traceability. It is an innovative, fully scalable, SaaS solution that also provides a common platform for documentation review and exchange. CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® is designed to handle all documentation related to design, production, operation, testing and delivery of products where there are stringent requirements from a product lifecycle perspective, and where continuous tracking and traceability of documentation is key.

CodeIT is trusted and relied on by forward thinking companies in many different industries around the world. With traceability always at the core, CodeIT develops and delivers better ways to leverage data in production, to solve traceability, and to generate value and drive growth.

CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® first saw light of day as CodeIT eMRB®, the first and only cloud-based software solution to addresses the need for the automatic digital creation and validation of Manufacturing Record Books. When Aker Solutions first started using CodeIT eMRB® in 2019 they found it so attractive that they requested specific extensions and enhancements so that it could cover all project documentation, not just the requirements set forth for manufacturing record books. The result became CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® which includes all the functionality of CodeIT eMRB® and in addition meets all the other needs that Aker Solutions have for all their project documentation and can use it as a supplier and customer portal.

With CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®, CodeIT offers great potential to enhance operations of many different types of companies in many industries around the world, not just subsea production.


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Read more about CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® here: CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®.

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