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Is traceability and transparency something that concerns you? Are you curious about what public blockchain technology could mean for your business?

CodeIT and UNISOT have carried out a successful proof-of-concept to confirm that CodeIT eMRB® and the UNISOT Enterprise Blockchain Platform can work together in perfect harmony.
CodeIT Strategic Partner Unisot

With UNISOT we are strengthening our eMRB® service by securing the authenticity, integrity and storage of the Manufacturing Records in the public Blockchain for those clients who need it.

Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO CodeIT

CodeIT eMRB® is designed for superior, fast, and cost-effective documentation traceability. It is an ingenious, fully scalable, cloud-based solution that automatically validates and links all fabrication and production documentation digitally. It is used by leading companies in, amongst others, the energy, engineering, aquaculture, and general Industry sectors.

The UNISOT Enterprise Blockchain Platform provides generic secure services based on public blockchain technology (

The good thing with our system is that we can compete very well with other systems because we use the public blockchain [BSV], which is much more secure, much more scalable and much more cost efficient. With CodeIT we broaden our Global Visibility and Secure Data Exchange technology services, based on the public Blockchain, to new technical areas and new industries covered by CodeIT.

Stephan Nilsson, CEO UNISOT

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