CodeIT first with Carbon Balanced Labels in the Nordics.

At CodeIT, we like to be proactive and have taken the necessary steps so our clients can rest assured that we contribute together to a better planet in a small yet essential way. In cooperation with Grafkom and the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper compensation scheme, CodeIT is the first company in the Nordics to offset carbon emissions by ensuring labels we provide are Carbon Balanced.

Carbon Balanced Labels CodeIT Group Certificate

CodeIT adds a new dimension to “Print and Apply.”

At CodeIT, our primary offering is not only our technology, software, services, and support. It is being able to offer a complete approach and act as an independent partner and single point of contact for all our clients’ production data management and production traceability needs. The benefits are far-reaching. By way of example, many CodeIT clients prefer to source their state-of-the-art equipment needs, such as “Print and Apply” labeling equipment, with the help of CodeIT. For this substantial group of clients, we also offer Technical Service Agreements and labels as part of our follow-up and commitment to ensuring everything runs smoothly in production.

Labels say a lot about the quality of a product.

If products lack proper identification, they are not traceable, and provenance is not provable. Labels are used for identification and declarations and are part of the perception of the quality. They solve compliance and legal requirements. They enable your product to communicate with your customers. But first and foremost, they are an inescapable visualization of your level of quality. When a label is easily readable and withstands the conditions you expose your products or packaging to in manufacturing, storage, transport, and distribution, you reap benefits at every step in the supply chain.

CodeIT ensures that clients always have the labels they need.

You can make a label from more than 500 different paper and synthetic materials. There are over 50 different backings of paper or plastic, and you can choose from over 150 adhesives. The combination options are enormous. Together with our label partners’ abilities, our complete approach, knowledge, and expertise ensure our clients always get the optimal combinations they need and the best possible results. In addition, we have the necessary logistics in place to make sure our clients always have the labels they need at hand.

Now, through cooperation with Grafkom and the World Land Trust, we can guarantee that qualifying labels from CodeIT are Carbon Balanced as part of the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper compensation scheme.

About the compensation scheme.

CodeIT has established cooperation with Grafkom and the World Land Trust (WLT), which is responsible for the practical implementation of rainforest protection. By protecting endangered rainforests in Vietnam and Central America, the WLT scheme ensures that carbon is stored in the forest. A side effect is also that we help preserve endangered animals and plants.

Through the scheme, Grafkom and WLT independently calculate the equivalent of unavoidable emissions from the production of the qualifying labels CodeIT has supplied to clients. CodeIT then pays the WLT a compensatory amount for the assessed quantity of carbon dioxide, and a certificate confirming the transaction is issued annually.

About Grafkom and the World Land Trust.

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