Combatting seafood fraud with CodeIT Enterprise.

CodeIT plays an important part in combatting seafood fraud, but what is seafood fraud and how does CodeIT help combat seafood fraud?

According to the Oceana Foundation “Seafood fraud is the practice of misleading consumers about their seafood to increase profits. Along with ripping off shoppers, these actions can have negative impacts on marine conservation efforts and human health.” Read more about seafood fraud and Oceana on their website:

Oceana concludes: “In order to prevent fraud, consumers need to know where seafood comes from and be able to trace it all the way back to the sea.” That means having full supply chain traceability, and that is where CodeIT and CodeIT Enterprise™ comes in. CodeIT Enterprise™ is helping world leaders in the fish industry, such as Cermaq and MOWI and many others, to ensure their products have full traceability.

CodeIT is the enabler.

It does not matter which platform is used to store traceability data and make it available, be it blockchain or another technology, CodeIT Enterprise™ is the enabler, the “glue” needed to make traceability work by holding everything together. Where CodeIT comes in, is with long experience with critical business-applications and unique expertise in labelling and tracking technology. Dynamic labelling and coding on products, packages and pallets is critical to combatting seafood fraud. Without being able to give products individual, physical IDs they would not be traceable. The label is the link between the product and all the data connected to it in the cloud.

It is inspiring and motivating to know that our expertise and technologies help legitimate seafood companies in their fight against seafood fraud. But dynamic labelling and marking is not the only thing you can do with CodeIT Enterprise™. CodeIT Enterprise™ is a truly versatile software toolbox and set of services to help companies leverage their data and drive growth. See how:

Complete traceability.

So, if you need help in the fight against seafood fraud or need a complete traceability solution for some other product, or to automate and streamline your production, contact us to arrange an exploratory meeting. The benefits can be bigger than you think.

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