GreenOffshoreTech gives CodeIT eShare™ the green light.

As a spin-off from CodeIT eDoc™, CodeIT see an opportunity to develop CodeIT eShare™ for efficient and effective resource sharing in the industry as a whole and the emerging blue economy in particular. It‘s all about traceability and sustainability, about doing more with less and knowing what resources you have and where they are.

CodeIT aims to reduce cost and improve recycling and re-use of major equipment like pumps, valves and larger assemblies like manifolds, turbines, etc. and fulfill the need of the Oil & Gas industry for a solution on how to share equipment between the operators (oil companies).

We are thrilled that CodeIT eShare™ passed the evaluation tests set by the GreenOffshoreTech consortium in their first call for proposals. It is gratifying they see CodeIT eShare™ as meeting all their criteria for commercializing and supporting. The consortium has now invited CodeIT to take CodeIT eShare™ through to phase 1 of the GreenOffshoreTech project designed to help fund and turn good ideas like ours into business.

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