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CodeIT customer DenEast’s core business is the manufacturing and supply chain management of aseptically packed beverages. Since the inception of DenEast, CodeIT has played a central role in enabling traceability in its whole supply chain from incoming materials to product delivery. The state-of-the-art factory strategically located in southern Vietnam has become one of the leading contract packers in Asia and now is adding on product development capabilities.

DenEast has now opened its doors and taken a bold new step forward with Bloom. -  Vietnam’s First-Ever Global Food and Beverage Innovation Centre, which is set to revolutionize the industry through its innovative and cost-efficient product creation model.

DenEast Bloom

“Innovation is crucial for F&B brands to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market with growing demands for nutritious, healthy, and sustainable products. It is not easy for F&B players to do this at the needed speed and cost-efficiency,” says Johan Boden – CEO of DenEast Vietnam. “Smaller brands require more expertise and investment in large-scale equipment while established brands face production disruptions and lack the dedicated facility for micro innovation.”

Bloom. can cater to the needs of food and beverage brands not just in Vietnam but across the region and other parts of the world. "Brands can bring their innovations to market at an extraordinary pace without the need for substantial financial investment in equipment" according to Boden.

DenEast Bloom

The driving force behind Bloom. can be summed up as Boden told it to the Vietnam Investment Review:

“Innovation today is typically a multi-step, multi-location process. Companies begin by developing a formulation, then move to another facility for small-batch production, and finally upscale to a larger facility for commercial trials. This method is both lengthy and fragmented.

To resolve this, we collaborated with Tetra Pak to develop a one-stop solution. The objective is to consolidate the product development process, allowing everything from ideas to market-ready products to occur under one roof.

Notably, we also handle crucial aspects such as securing food licenses, processing permits, and establishing a robust quality management system – all integral parts of bringing a food product to consumers.”

It is always a great pleasure to witness the success of customers. CodeIT is proud to be one of the solution providers along the way and to be excited about DenEast's new endeavors to come.

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