Quality Salmon RAS and CodeIT

Quality Salmon in Sweden launches informational website.

Quality Salmon launches website for world's largest circular industrial park for salmon production – and CodeIT is part of it.

The first iteration of the website is in Swedish. https://qualitysalmon.se

Read about the CodeIT engagement at Quality Salmon on the new website here:

  1. Press Release
  2. Cutting-edge Technology
  3. Circular Industrial Park

Not only salmon.

CodeIT help manufacturing and processing companies of all types and sizes to leverage their data not only when it comes to FISH, but also in FOOD, WOOD, and INDUSTRY sectors.

CodeIT is the enabler that makes it possible to link together all information about almost any product, its provenance, and how it has been processed, and make this information available to other production processes and throughout the entire supply chain.

We are good at solving complex traceability challenges. If you've got one, try us!

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