Traceability can help Vietnam’s shrimp industry.

Vietnam’s shrimp farming aquaculture business has targeted to gain a total export value of US$4-4.2 billion from exports this year according to Viet Nam News, the National English Language Daily in Vietnam, in their article “Pandemic has little impact on Việt Nam’s shrimp exports”.

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This timely article quotes Hồ Quốc Lực, Chairman of Management Board and General Director of the Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company, as stating “Việt Nam will take a lot of advantages from the EU-Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) to increase shrimp exports to the EU”. It also quotes Bùi Bá Sự, Deputy General Director of the Việt Nam-Australia Seafood Corporation as saying, “Vietnam shrimp farmers should produce clean shrimp and ensure traceability for their product to enjoy preferential tariffs under the EVFTA and increase exports to Europe.”

Traceability is critical.

Traceability has become business-critical for most companies operating in global markets. CodeIT is a company with roots in Norway and has a dedicated local team of traceability experts in Vietnam. The company specializes in solutions related to production and supply chain traceability. CodeIT helps businesses of all different sizes and in many different fields to implement full traceability. Including giants and world leaders in aquaculture and the salmon farming industry, such as Cermaq and MOWI at their production facilities around the world. In Vietnam a major food related customer who is totally enthralled with CodeIT’s production and supply chain  traceability solutions, and how CodeIT solve traceability problems, is DenEast who co-manufacture for several F&B giants and who can produce 1,000,000 liters of beverages for export per week in their brand new state-of-the-art facility 45 km outside Ho Chi Minh City.

CodeIT can help.

In Vietnam, CodeIT have the people, resources, solutions and know-how to help the country’s shrimp farming industry ensure full traceability for their product to enjoy preferential tariffs under the EVFTA, and increase exports to Europe. All it takes to get started is an email to or a call to +84 908 284 557.

See the video “Why aquaculture and fish farming giant Cermaq chose CodeIT” (with Vietnamese subtitles):

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