Traceability from Box to Customer with CodeIT.

At CodeIT we enjoy working with the best. And solving traceability is what we do best.

At CodeIT, we are innovating how clients can progress to the next level. Our passion and excellence are centered around our traceability solutions and services. We work with all kinds of clients, solving complex production challenges with data capture, automation, and traceability always at the core.

In this short video we show how we helped CERMAQ solve how to give each fish box a unique ID and then utilize that ID downstream to solve a complex weighing and labelling requirement and provide full supply chain traceability.

At CodeIT we always encourage all our clients to think of our people as their own dedicated team of traceability experts, and to use our knowledge and expertise from years of experience with critical business-applications to help solve complex traceability and production automation problems.

With our CodeIT Enterprise™ solution we provide software, hardware, and services, to enable clients to tag and follow products from raw materials, through production, and out to end users. Here, our home base technologies are inkjet, tags, labels, laser marking and data capture. And when it comes to hardware we understand and choose the right technology to help clients leverage their data.

Our long list of clients includes world leaders in salmon farming and production. Others belong to the food, dairy and beverage industry, or are involved in wood and building products, or in manufacturing, or general industry. In fact, a CodeIT can help solve almost any challenge to do with ensuring full traceability, not matter how complex.

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