Using traceability to create preference and add value.

Beating a pandemic and the clock.

In the summer of 2020, Uniqon won a tender to produce respiratory protection devices for Sykehusinnkjøp HF (the Norwegian Hospitals’ Central Purchasing Organization). They won the tender because they knew precisely what was needed. But then started the race to set up a brand-new production and start deliveries of high-quality Norwegian made infrastructure critical products to help combat the country’s reliance on imports.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the new production is now up and running after a few short months. On April 23rd, 2021 at 12 noon, Uniqon’s modern new factory will be officially opened. To comply with Covid-19 restrictions the opening ceremony will be a live streaming event with the Norwegian Prime Minister Mrs. Erna Solberg in attendance digitally.

Quality first.

Uniqon put quality first. Here traceability is a critical success factor. On their home page Uniqon state, “We are concerned about traceability and can track each individual mask throughout the entire value chain from end customer to raw material producer”. Taking this approach, traceability helps Uniqon create preference for their products and create value.

Solving traceability.

CodeIT is proud to play an essential role in helping Uniqon with product traceability and streamlining production. To trace something, it must be identifiable, i.e., coded. To code and trace you need to understand, collect, and prepare data. Using data capture and coding technologies, CodeIT is the enabler that can link together all information about any products. About origin and provenance. About how they are processed. CodeIT make this data available for coding and identification. To other processes. Throughout the supply chain. To end-users.

Scalability and flexibility.

Uniqon use CodeIT Enterprise, our flagship software and production solution. It is a good choice because it provides unequalled flexibility and scalability. With it Uniqon can scale up when needed. In the opening phase, some production processes are not fully automated yet, and labelling of outer boxes and pallets is done manually with CodeIT Enterprise, handheld scanners and state-of-the-art print technology. CodeIT has designed the solution so that the transition from manually packing and labelling to fully automatic lines can be done with few changes to the CodeIT Enterprise configuration.

Labelling of outer boxes and pallets.
Labelling of outer boxes and pallets is done with CodeIT Enterprise. Photo: Uniqon Protection.

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