Why Cermaq chose CodeIT Enterprise for new smart factory.

Cermaq, the world’s leading producer of fresh salmon, must deal with processing millions of pristine fresh fish and challenging supply chain logistics for worldwide distribution every day.

In short, Cermaq face the same problem 24/7/365:

“There is no one in such a hurry as a fresh salmon!”

In the video, Cermaq tell why they chose CodeIT Enterprise™ to help streamline mission-critical operations, and you can see how CodeIT can easily help any company streamline production and improve product traceability.

After you have seen the video, whenever you see boxes with the TRUE ARCTIC SALMON logo, you’ll know CodeIT is doing everything it can to help Cermaq fulfill their quality ethos, and help get fresh salmon through production and all the way to the consumer as quickly and effectively as possible.

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