Yggdrasil to use CodeIT Document Traceability System.

Yggdrasil, formerly known as NOAKA, in the Norwegian North Sea, consists of the Hugin, Fulla, and Munin fields and the area is between Alvheim and Oseberg. The area is home to many discoveries and contains around 650 million barrels of oil equivalent. Total investments are projected at NOK 115 billion.

  • Yggdrasil is an exciting project as the two major operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), Aker BP and Equinor, are involved and will collaborate on, among other things, documentation requirements for the first time.
  • In this connection, Yggdrasil will use CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® as the portal for handling all production documentation.
  • With CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®, operators can retrieve all necessary production documentation directly from CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®.
  • CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® can also be configured to transfer approved documentation to the operators automatically.
  • As part of the Yggdrasil project, Aker Solutions will invest in enhancements to CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® to automate communication with SAP ERP. This means that besides everything else CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® has to offer, purchase and production orders will be automatically synchronized between SAP and CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®.

“Aker Solutions have done all the heavy lifting to pave the way for the rest of the industry,” says Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO of CodeIT AS.

  • After being involved in the development process and thorough testing, Aker Solutions Subsea has adopted CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® as its portal for handling all production documentation, including building and compiling MRBs.
  • CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® is an Azure-based web-based platform for handling manufacturing records through access control in a digital traceability structure. Detail documentation can be made available from early production and throughout the projects via a BOM-driven traceability structure. The system also has the functionality to compile MRB manuals automatically.
  • CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® is used by Aker Solutions in projects involving several operators like Aker BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Wintershall, and others, where the feedback is undividedly positive.
  • The biggest reported gain from operators is early access to certificates, reports, etc., necessary for Mechanical Completion.

EqHub integration included.

  • The entire industry, including Yggdrasil, uses EqHub - a Cloud-based solution to help manage standardized data and documentation across operator companies on the NCS.
  • CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® communicates and has a shared process with EqHub. Acting in tandem as a joint portal simplifies processes for suppliers and manufacturers whose needs go beyond the reuse of standard documentation and information.
  • CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® and EqHub complement each other perfectly.
  • EqHub handles documentation for standard off-the-shelf equipment, and CodeIT eDOC/eMRB® handles the rest.

For more information about CodeIT eDOC/eMRB®, contact:

Bjørnar Torsnes, tel.: +47- 90772110, e-mail: bjornar.torsnes@codeit.no

Svein Inge Sanna, tel.: +47 - 47409595, e-mail: svein.inge.sanna@codeit.no

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