We help manufacturers worldwide to leverage their data to solve traceability and achieve new levels of production automation. What we do helps our clients to save costs, increase efficiencies, generate value, and drive sustainability and profitable growth - year after year.

Carbon Balanced Labels.

In cooperation with the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper compensation scheme, CodeIT is the first company in the Nordics to offer Carbon Balanced Labels.

Contributions to the Carbon Balanced program protect against deforestation and degradation, preventing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere while preserving invaluable ecosystems.

Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainability Development Goals.

The 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals set direction and priorities for what we must solve to develop a sustainable planet for all. CodeIT plays a role in this quest. With CodeIT Enterprise™, we impact by supporting goals #9 and #12.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

#9. Innovation and technological progress are vital to finding lasting solutions to economic and environmental challenges, such as increased resource and energy efficiency.

Our role: CodeIT Enterprise™ can help provide a digital footprint for raw material, produced goods, packaging, and load carriers to enable affordable transparency. Transparency is a core value for sustainable handling and recycling.

Responsible consumption and production

#12. There needs to be a significant focus on operating the supply chain, involving everyone from the producer to the final consumer. This includes educating consumers on sustainable consumption and lifestyles, providing adequate information through standards and labels, and engaging in sustainable public procurement.

Our role: Traceability is a core functionality in CodeIT Enterprise™. It helps enable an optimized flow of materials and services. Automatic identification ensures safety and measures waste at an early stage. Innovative use of this data and continuous monitoring are critical to sustainable production and reliable information for all stakeholders.

What are your goals?

Whatever your goals, we do not doubt that leveraging your data with CodeIT will help you get closer to achieving them and creating a better and more sustainable future for all.


"People at CodeIT love to engage and participate. Just as much as this is a key to our success, it is also the basis for our engagement as a team when it comes to realizing the values and initiatives defined in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all."