Technical Support

CodeIT Support Center (CSC).

When installation and commissioning are complete, we hand operational support to the CodeIT Support Center (CSC).

All CodeIT clients can contact the Support Center, workdays 0800-1700 CET.

Contact the Support Center for technical assistance, support issues,  spare parts, life-cycle management, and needed replacements. Likewise, channel all warranty and RMA requests through the Support Center.

We run the CodeIT Support Center using dedicated in-house resources. The Support Center Team handles all support tickets and first-line support. They also coordinate all necessary resources for second and third-line support. Maintaining fully updated records about CodeIT installations and related special knowledge is one of the Support Team’s top priorities.

In addition, the Support Center is responsible for handling our SLA offerings and coordinating the resources to man our 24/7 option.

Phone: +47 210 07 620 or +46 31 351 9909. Email:

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