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We are proud to be able to help clients enhance their production and productivity, and to help increase their business performance.

For us, scalability isn’t a bonus feature, it’s the quality that determines the lifetime value of CodeIT as a software partner. Building traceability with scalability in mind saves us both time and money in the long run.

Thue Stensgaard, IT Manager, Arcon-Sunmark, Denmark.

We chose CodeIT because they showed a great capacity for finding innovative solutions, which will provide us with a competitive advantage, and they were also the best offer in terms of flexibility, user friendliness, and consistent use of open standards in all critical areas such as automation, tracking, and systems integration.

Arnt Mjøen, IT Manager, MOWI ASA, Norway.

CodeIT Enterprise’s unique features have created a great value enabling collaboration between individual factories in the Nordic region. We did not have to change any surrounding systems or hardware in any factory.

Lars Y. Olsson, Lantmännen IT, Sweden.

The DenEast factory is built according to Scandinavian industry standards and CodeIT is perfectly matched for the strict requirements we have for our suppliers and the level of service we need to deliver to our customers.

Johan Bodén, CEO, DenEast, Vietnam.

We as an industry are being more and more challenged on documentation and traceability. Our green footprint is important to all our future planning and this is why we have chosen CodeIT to deliver a solution that fits our requirements very well. They specialize in intelligent and flexible software that gives us the control and visibility we need.

Atle Kvist, Project Leader, Cermaq, Norway (part of the Mitsubishi Corporation).

Now we have a modern digital infrastructure embracing all areas of the business, from raw material warehousing to finished delivery, with CodeIT Enterprise as the hub of the system. A production support system and a partner that can be with us on our journey forward.

Tore Brekke Olsen, CEO, Trondhjems Eskefabrikk, Norway.

One of the many features that make it a game changer is that CodeIT eDOC / eMRB handles information collection directly from equipment at multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Andreas Harms, General Manager, Operations, TTS NMF GmbH., Germany.
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