Versatile Industrial Solutions powered by CodeIT.

Leverage your data. Generate value and drive growth.

Are you thinking of:

  1. Building a new production facility?

  2. Adding a new production line to an existing facility?

  3. Getting more out of your existing production?

CodeIT can help. We have two versatile solutions. One for any production of products or parts, the other for production documentation. Both focus on traceability.

A comprehensive software toolbox, selected hardware, and a suite of services to enhance any production.

An ingenious new tool to create and manage any Manufacturing Record Book (MRB).

Connected Industry Solutions powered by CodeIT enable you to harness the true power of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory - the ability to be highly flexible and scalable.

Claes Park, Manager, Software Engineering.

Our solutions.

What hallmarks our solutions is ingenuity, versatility and scalability. Our solutions are designed to help clients get more out of their data. To help enhance production and productivity. To help increase business performance. Our solutions are built on years of cross-industry experience. Extensive multi-discipline know-how. Close co-operation with Technology Partners. And a fresh, total approach. We focus on ease of integration. Installation. Operation. Maintenance. And lifelong support.

What differentiates CodeIT solutions?


We acknowledge that change is the only constant in the world. We understand what versatility, scalability, and flexibility mean. Our focus is on helping clients be prepared for the future.

Strong track record.

We offer complete solutions with consulting, software, hardware and equipment, integration, installation, and lifelong support. We have a strong track record for delivery and great expertise in services, systems, applications, technology, and engineering.

Open standards.

We provide complete, open, standard software solutions developed in-house. Our solutions are designed to be versatile and adaptable to each client’s special needs. Our solutions offer every client clear, technological, financial, and operative benefits and advantages.

Lifelong support.

Highly skilled team.

Our highly qualified support team are known for their high level of engineering expertise and their capacity to give guidance, help achieve rapid and successful installation and provide lifelong support. We are continuously developing our service and support offerings to meet and exceed ever increasing expectations, so as to ensure continued success of our clients.


Our core software and services are very versatile and can be configured and customized on-site to meet most operational and individual client needs. However, sometimes a client can have a special or unique need and might want something more. We have an experienced team of consultants and software developers that can help. They may be able to suggest ways to use our core software and services in special ways without alterations, or they may find it appropriate to modify features or implement new ones in our core software. Alternatively, where required we can also put together tailor-made solutions just for you. Get in touch and let us know what you need, it’s that simple!

Scalability and flexibility.

All CodeIT solutions are designed to provide versatility, scalability, and flexibility. This means that our clients' operations become scalable and highly flexible. Giving our clients have full control. Ready for future challenges.

Brief summary.

CodeIT have many years of experience with critical business-applications. In many types of industry. Our passion and excellence are traceability and transparency. At CodeIT, we are innovating how clients can progress to the next level. Our versatile solutions are designed to help our clients get more out of their data. To help enhance production and productivity. To help increase business performance. We make leveraging data simpler and smarter. It is easy to get started and grow when working with CodeIT.

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