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CodeIT total approach is highly appreciated.


At CodeIT we excel at solving traceability, with extensive multi-discipline know-how, years of experience and a fresh, total approach. This video quickly explains how our core service CodeIT Enterprise™ is designed to add value by enabling maximum connectivity and leveraging production data with unique software and the know-how and equipment needed to enable full traceability,…

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CodeIT clients are more like friends.


In 2018 Cermaq built Norway’s most efficient and modern processing factory for salmon. And we at CodeIT got the opportunity to help get it up and running efficiently. This short video gives insights as to how CodeIT work with clients and what this means for smooth mission-critical operations. Clients become “Not just customers, more like…

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Shrimp farming in Vietnam and CodeIT

Traceability can help Vietnam’s shrimp industry.


Vietnam’s shrimp farming aquaculture business has targeted to gain a total export value of US$4-4.2 billion from exports this year according to Viet Nam News, the National English Language Daily in Vietnam, in their article “Pandemic has little impact on Việt Nam’s shrimp exports”. Focus on what matters most. This timely article quotes Hồ Quốc…

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Why Cermaq chose CodeIT Enterprise for new smart factory.


Cermaq, the world’s leading producer of fresh salmon, must deal with processing millions of pristine fresh fish and challenging supply chain logistics for worldwide distribution every day. In short, Cermaq face the same problem 24/7/365: “There is no one in such a hurry as a fresh salmon!” In the video, Cermaq tell why they chose…

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